Early Intervention
September 14, 2017

Seniors are elderly members of a particular society. In this part of the world, great respect is accorded to elderly persons based on cultural and religious beliefs.

But in our fast changing society, where the belief structure has been taken, there seem to be a disregard or neglect of those who are senior citizens. Because of this, many of them face difficult situations and circumstances especially those whose family members are no more.

In this part of the world, caring for the elderly one’s seem to be a family affair which is admirable but not outrightly effective. The family can take care of them, but in most cases, they have failed in regards to taking care of their financial, physical and even emotional needs. This occurs due to the fact that they try to meet up with life’s demands and forget about the needs of their aged family members.

Most people think that the old ones no longer play a significant role in the society due to the fact that strength, agility, health and other facets of human living is deteriorating. This is a false assumption as one of the things holding the foundation of human existence and experience is history and memory of past events, which the elderly ones possess.

How do we treat men and women who have contributed immensely to the growth and sustenance of our society? What are their entitlements? Senior citizens face a lot of challenges

in our society as regards to poor health services, irregular pension payment and no social facilities to aid their involvement in societal living.

They need help and assistance from the government and not just their families. They need to know that they are important and still eligible members of our society. Retirement homes are to be established in different parts of the country for easy access to health care, friendship programs, games and lots more to keep their idle hands busy. They need to get more involved in our fast changing technological society. We owe it to them to be their eyes, hands and legs to make the years easily go by for them. It’s an act of good will that would never go unrewarded.

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