Drug Aduse

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May 8, 2014
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September 14, 2017

Drug and substance abuse (DSA) is the continuous usage of illegal drugs and substances. Whatever drug that is taken without a doctor’s prescription is considered as drug abuse.

DSA cuts across people of different ages and class structure. Drugs that can be abused could be legal and also illegal. Which means anybody can end up abusing any drug.

The continuous usage of substances like cocaine, heroin, hallucinogenics, tramadol, cigarettes, alcohol etc can have an overpowering effect – addiction, over its user. They begin to lose focus in everything, which ends up destroying their homes, marriages, careers and even lives.

The consequences of DSA cannot be over emphasized. An Unpleasant sight with terrible side effects, but yet still able to attract more consumers like a magnetic force. There is nothing beautiful about drugs or those who take drugs. Substance abuse has gotten so much attention over the years, primarily because it’s harmful to the mental and physical well being of its user. A number of people have been cut in the web of DSA, particularly the youths.

One might wonder why people abuse drugs and substances every day despite it’s ugly side effects and the tornado it causes in the finances of abusers. People make the decision to use drugs everyday for different reasons.

  1. Performance enhancement
  2. Depression
  3. Peer pressure
  4. Curiosity.

There is a growing number of drug and substance related users. This calls for an urgent need for the government, private organizations, Non-profit organizations and social institutions to join hands together and fight this monster enslaving the people in our society.

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